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Products under the trade mark "Lubnymash" - are the highest quality and absolute reliability. Our factory is engaged in manufacturing of modern elevators and managed to gain credibility among the vast number of enterprises. To build the elevator you need to make a lot of effort, and our factory is working responsibly and holds tight control over the quality of elevator's equipment. Construction of elevators by our plant is in accordance with the requirements of the standard DSTU IS0 9001-2001 (IS0 9001: 2001, IDT). We continue to work closely with the enterprises of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus and other countries.

An experience

During its long history, our factory has accumulated vast experience. You can be confident in the professionalism of our staff and fully trust us.

Top quality

Elevators technique of "Lubnymash" - it is a guarantee of quality and long service life.

Great prices

We have formed a reasonable price level and therefore with us is profitable.


Steel structures
Steel structures
Construction elevator with a profit for you

Construction of modern grain silos

Your factory is expanding, increasing the sowing, growing turnover. You are looking for ways to reduce costs and increase production and to invest in new, more cost-effective techniques. Production of the plant "Lubnymash" fully meets your aspirations. All products are designed and constructed for the sole purpose - to bring its owner a profit. Professionals always trusted and trust products under the brand "Lubnymash". More than 125 years of experience in the development, testing and production of equipment for agriculture, constant interaction with the most demanding customers have helped us to find the best design solutions, and our customers to easily achieve high results.

Production is carried out on a single technology. Thus, compliance and quality processes are under strict control. 0 plant reliability "Lubnymash" as a business partner say the many long-term contracts with the largest enterprises of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan and other countries. When you invest money in the production of "Lubnymash" plant, you get productive and effective means of producing high quality for many years. Working with us, you will always find a proper feasibility study, the optimal solution to satisfy your desires, moving us along the path of success and prosperity.

Sincerely, Director Pleskach YM

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Construction elevator with a profit for you

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Production of the best elevators

Demand for storage services for cereal growing rapidly with every year. Our factory is open to mutually beneficial cooperation with large corporate clients, as well as with small farms. Elevators techniques from the plant "Lubnymash" is not inferior to the characteristics and features of structures of other manufacturers.

Construction of elevators - professionally and flawlessly

Thanks to our plant construction of elevators in Ukraine is gaining momentum and active doesn't cease to grow and improve. We do our best, that the elevator's equipment to meet primarily European standards and therefore create a very high-quality products. We find customers not only in Ukraine but also abroad.

Our factory achieves successful results and improve their production activities due to the deep specialization, the use of specialized, high quality equipment and well-functioning cooperation scheme.

Construction of elevators - are our specialty. Our factory quickly solves problems of any complexity, and never ceases to please their customers attentive and responsible approach to the creation of modern elevators. We are a reliable partner for many businesses and are proud of our competitive and stable customer base.

Construction of the elevator is brought to perfection!

Experienced and competent staff as well as high-tech park construction of modern technology helps us to create elevator equipment of any complexity with a guaranteed quality.

"Lubnymash" factory offers construction of elevators "turnkey". You can become a customer and appreciate all the advantages of cooperation with us. We don't fail, because interested in our reputation and don't want to spoil it.

We can build an elevator in the shortest time!

Many of people know us and trust us!

Advantages of grain elevators
  1. Reliability. Elevator's technique is robust and meets European quality.
  2. High functionality. The high level of technical and professional training of the plant allows us to create elevators of all sizes.
  3. Quality control. We always monitor the quality and performance characteristics of our products.
  4. Minimum terms of manufacturing and the construction of the object. During the construction of elevators, our company uses innovative technology and significantly saves time on the production processes.

Granary of the plant "Lubnymash" - a reliable point of support your business!

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